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Hemodialysis center in Rome

Hemodialysis is a therapy that replaces the main functions of the kidneys when, due to end-stage renal failure, they are unable to remove waste from the blood.

To perform the process, a two-way blood circulation catheter is placed on the patient. In this way the blood is sent to the device from one direction to be cleaned, then returned through the other. The dialyzer works like a kidney: it removes from the blood the elements that could be harmful to the kidney, such as urea or potassium. Once this process is carried out, the patient’s weight and blood pressure are measured again, both standing and sitting, and once all the parameters are stabilized, the patient is discharged.

Our Hemodialysis Center was born in the 60s, later it was renovated both structurally and technologically to give maximum comfort combined with the latest technology available. Currently it is divided into two separate clinics located on the first floor of the nursing home with very bright rooms, with large windows overlooking. The two Hemodialysis Centers provide 43 dialysis stations.

The center


The opening of the evening shift of our Center stems from the desire to meet the health, social, economic and psychological needs of the hemodialysis patient.

The shift is from 5pm to 10pm  at the Hemodialysis Center B on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and can accommodate up to 17 patients (16 + 1 place for patients in quarantine).

Our team has been providing for years, with professionalism and commitment the best available care and the evening shift is well suited to a perspective of continuous evolution and improvement that has recently led to the start of the Nephrological clinic and the Surgical activity for the making and management of vascular access for hemodialysis within the Nursing Home itself.
The work is divided into several daily shifts to provide a wide choice of schedules, meeting the needs of patients and allowing them to manage therapy with the least impact on working and relationship life.

The surgical needs of dialysis patients are entrusted to vascular surgeons experienced in the packaging of native or protein fistulas, tunneled CVC. These interventions are carried out in the ultra-modern operating rooms of the Clinic under the convection with NHS. Our medical and nursing staff has many years of experience in the field. Dialysis departments have ultra-pure water preparers with brand new reverse osmosis plants.

All the equipment is of the latest generation and can perform the most efficient extracorporeal purification techniques: from standard bicarbonate hemodialysis to high flow techniques, such as online hemodiafiltration and hemofiltration.

The materials are chosen according to clinical needs from a wide range of highly biocompatible devices: low and high flow polysulfide filters, polyamide, polymethylmethacrylate and cellulose triacetate.

The brightness of the rooms, the colors, the functionality of the stations, the quality of the air treatment help to ensure excellent environmental comfort for patients and staff. The two Hemodialysis Centers are equipped with ultra-flat TV monitors with audio headphones to watch television programs or DVDs to make the time spent in the ward during dialysis treatment more pleasant.

On request, transportation from the place of stay to the Dialysis center and vice versa is also available with no additional costs.
For those arriving with their own car, reserved parking places are available.

Furthermore, a 24-hour AVAILABILITY service is active with the possibility of carrying out treatments at any time if urgent clinical conditions arise.


We also prepared psychological support to help patients deal with clinical problems related to the chronicity of the disease: the periods of hospitalization, the inevitable involvement of the family sphere. These are just some areas of psychological impact for which specialists in the field offer interpretations aimed to answer to the adversities related to this therapeutic path with the necessary balanced approach.


The International Private Health Care offers dialysis patients, temporarily present in the Roman territory or who wish to plan a holiday in Rome, a booking service for dialysis sessions taking care of by the nephrologists of our Nursing Home

The two dialysis centers of the nursing home, for a total of 43 dialysis places, are accredited with the National Health System. Direct services are available (free health care subject to payment of the medical ticket which remains the responsibility of the patient) by showing the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) or the Provisional Replacement Certificate. It is possible to carry out the treatment on an inpatient basis in a private room.

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